How to Motivate Your Preschool Child to Learn

If your preschool child no longer seems to like school, you probably wonder how to get them excited about learning again. Young children are naturally curious and love learning new things. However, some children do not relish the idea of going to school. If your child does not like school,

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5 Areas of Learning and Development in Child Care

What should your preschool-aged child learn in daycare? The early childhood environment is your child’s first step into the world of education. But you’re perhaps not sure what a three-, four-, or five-year-old should (or could) learn at school. If this is your first experience with pre-K, take a look

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Naptime in Daycare

What do parents need to know about naptime at daycare? If this is your child’s first experience in a pre-K or equivalent program, discover what you should understand about this important issue. Is Naptime Really Important for Children In Daycare? For most children, naptime is an essential part of the

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The What, Why, and When of Early Childhood Math

Your toddler or preschooler is ready to start daycare — and you want to know more about what they’ll learn. More specifically, you want to know if they’ll learn about basic math concepts and what types of activities they’ll try. Take a look at the what, why, and when of

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