We Stand For Excellence In Early Education

Trust Over Fifteen Years Of Safety, Love, And Exceptional Care

We Stand For Excellence in Early Education

Trust Over Fifteen Years Of Safety, Community, Love, and Quality Care

Child Care in San Antonio, TX

The friendly staff and child care experts at Country Kids Academy are excited to help you give your child an exciting child care experience. With field trips, hands-on activities, and captivating lesson plans, you can rest assured that your child will cultivate a love of learning.

At our child care facility in San Antonio, TX, you can enjoy a stress-free experience as we help your child form new friendships with the other children through play. We are excited for you and your child’s visit and are happy to make any accommodations that we can.

While you are running your errands and completing your daily responsibilities, you can have the peace of mind of knowing your child is being well taken care of.

To learn more about our personalized services and our child care facility, give us a call today at (210) 403-2458.

Dynamic Playgrounds Take Your Child’s Learning Outdoors

Whether playing on one of our many play structures, the basketball court, tricycle path, or wide-open grassy space, your child will delight in being outdoors every day. We offer five play areas on over half an acre of land to keep your child engaged in learning as they get fresh air and play.

How a Former Nurse and New Grandma Started This Exemplary Preschool

My first grandbaby is why I opened this school. As a former nurse and new grandma, I quickly saw that there wasn’t the level of safety, love, and quality education we needed for his care. That little boy is now 17 and has recently been inducted into the National Honor Society. We believe in providing the same level of excellent education and care to each family that we would our own.

Caring For Every Child As Though
They Are A Part Of Our Family

Teachers know the name of every child in the school and every parent that comes through our doors. Children run to hug the Director before leaving every day. We want your child to know they are safe and cared for, loved, and respected, which is why we are family-focused and such a close-knit, caring community.

Ensuring Your Child’s Safety
With Fingerprint ID And
Ultramodern School Software

We use biometric software at our academy’s double-door entry so that once inside, parents use the touch screen to check their children in or out. This software gives parents information on their child and their account and allows them to receive messages from staff. We believe every parent deserves the top level of security and daily communication.

Be A Part Of Your Child’s Day
Through The KidReports App

You can connect with your child’s teacher at any point throughout the day with Kid Reports. This app allows for two-way communication and for your child’s teacher to send regular updates on how your child is doing and what they are up to, including sweet pictures and funny videos.

Our Lead Teachers Have Been
With Us since 2004

All of our lead teachers have been with us for over five years, and our infant room lead teacher has been working with us since we opened in 2004. That level of teacher longevity is nearly unheard of in the child care industry. Children feel at home at Country Kids Academy, and the joy in their faces is apparent when they interact with their loving teachers every day.

We Pride Ourselves In Our Country Kids Academy Community

We pride ourselves in the love and strength of Country Kids Academy. We work extremely hard to keep children, and our community, growing. Just as we are proud of the Texan bluebonnet featured in our logo, so are we proud of all the children in our community.

Gaining All The Skills They Need
With A Personalized Learning Plan

We customize your child’s learning plan and respond to their pace, learning style, and their many daily cues. We follow a research-driven curriculum, Pinnacle®, and when your child is ready, we advance their learning. Custom class plans ensure your child is building all the skills they need for future success.

Encouraging Early Literacy
for Greater Success In Life

Your child learns phonetics and letters to sound out and connect words. Reading to your child daily promotes early literacy, which is linked to success later in life. Pre-reading and writing skills are honed when the time comes to get your child school-ready.

Kids Connect By Sharing Homecooked, Family-Style Meals Every Day

Meals are community time: children and teachers sit together to share their food, family-style. Our on-site chef prepares fresh, wholesome meals and snacks in our nut-free kitchen each day. Children love this time together, to chat, connect, learn manners, and more.

Field Trips Come to Us, Making These Safer And More Fun

Rather than loading kids on the bus and taking them to unfamiliar places, we bring exciting experiences to your child with field trips that come to us. We host members of the zoo, musicians, librarians, and more, and even invite children to watch – from a distance – when a helicopter lands in our parking lot.

Yes, We Offer Tuition Support Options

Parent Reviews

"Her teachers are amazing and have an invested interest in my daughter's growth. "

We have had our daughter at CKA for about 3 months and we are completely in love with this daycare! As a doctor in educational leadership, education is something I greatly value – especially the quality of education. Our daughter who is now 11 months old has made such great improvements in her motor skills, affinity for music and reading, and overall emotional intelligence. Her teachers are amazing and have an invested interest in my daughter’s growth.

Meagan S.

"This is the BEST school around"

I have both my 2 and 3 year old girls here. Karen the owner and the staff have been amazing! I am a harsh critic of schools. This is the BEST school around. I looked at primrose and at La petite. They are nice but they are just big box chains. I don’t believe my girls belong in a big box mentality. Country kids is privately owned. I did my homework and checked the safety records with the state. They have 5 stars all around.

Natalia A.

"The facility is maintained to very high standards both in upkeep and cleaning."

I have been taking my grandchild to CKA for a few weeks and must say I am more than pleased with everything about the day care. The facility is maintained to very high standards both in upkeep and cleaning. I feel very secure in the safety and well being of our little one each time I leave him off. The teachers and staff are wonderful. All I have had contact with get a gold star. My little one loves them as well. I highly recommend CKA to all.

Michael E.

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