Why Choose Us

More than half an acre of outdoor play nurtures wonder, builds bodies, boosts brains, and brings joy.

Family-owned for a family feel, where you’re understood and supported as parents who want the best for their child.

Safety features like cameras and fingerprint ID access keep your child safe in our care.

Daily parent communication through our app, loop you in as our partners in your child’s success.

Our team and leadership have long-standing tenure, creating a tight-knit environment where we’re like family.

Modeled after traditional home settings to be the welcoming haven that puts your child at ease.

We tailor learning plans to answer the unique needs of your child and to keep pace with their development.

A focus on reading and writing skills makes the transition to kindergarten smooth sailing.

Healthy, thoughtful, home-cooked meals they crave keep them nourished for the play ahead.

how old is your child?


6 weeks to 1 year


2 - 3 years


3 - 4 years


4 - 5 years

summer camp

4 - 8 years